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The Tall Rocker: A chair with a View

   Sit Higher in Our Tall Rocking Chair and See Above Your Deck Rail


Testimonials about the Tall Rocker

Do you own a Tall Rocker? Please tell us about your experience.

Here are a few enthusiastic notes written by some of our

satisfied owners:


"What a concept! I saw the chairs at the Decatur Book Festival

and I love them! They're going to be perfect on the dock at our

house on Lake Seed. It will be so nice to see the beautiful water

over the railing without an obstructed view. We'll enjoy them for

years to come."
—Judy Callahan, Seed Lake, Lakemont, Ga.

“First of all, I really love rocking chairs, and when my

daughter sent my wife and me a set to use on our deck

for our 40th anniversary, I was thrilled! I was surprised at

how easy they were to get in and out of, and what a good idea it was to have the seat be higher. It’s like you’re sitting in the SUV of chairs—I can see above the rail and look out at all of the wildlife in my backyard…”
—William Watkins, Palm Coast, Florida.

“I have owned a beach house on St. George Island, Florida for many years, and of course I have a deck. When I purchased the Tall Rocker and experienced how it allowed me to sit and enjoy the view, I couldn’t believe that somebody hadn’t already thought of this. My friends loved it and bought some as well. So comfortable!”
—Suzan Herbold, St. George Island, Florida.

“My vacation cabin is now complete… I can go out on my deck, sit in my chair and relax, and see a great view of the Smoky Mountains without having to stand up to see above the rail.”
—John Hester,  Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

Plain Rocker.jpg

 Hi Don,  Thanks so much for the wonderful rockers!

Both the heavy duty tall rocker and the regular tall rocker feel very sturdy. They are very comfortable and certainly solve our viewing problem of seeing over the deck railing. They are also beautiful! My wife and I both appreciate your efforts! You certainly gave us constant updates and built our rockers in the timeframe you quoted. I forgot to mention the great looking and foldable table you built us. Makes it very easy to do drinks or whatever we want while enjoying or view. We certainly recommend your rockers to anyone that is interested in clear viewing on their deck. Thanks again!  Mike and  Chris OHARA , Bostic, NC

HI Don, I am so excited, my rocker came today. John put it together for me without any problems. I am definitely sitting on top of the world. I can get in and out with no problems. The little platform in front that folds up is great. it works perfect. You have done a wonderful thing for me and I am sure others. I can’t thank you enough for the time and care you have put into this chair. You put up with all my emails and comments. I am going to miss your emails You are funny and entertaining. We cracked up with some of you expressions. I was put at ease and could explain to you what I needed. God Bless you Don! And thank you so much. I certainly hope the company realizes what a gem you are. Sincerely yours, Cindy Corley, Sumter, S. C.

Hi Don:  The chairs and table were delivered yesterday. Boxes bent but intact.  I assembled them today and we're enjoying them as I write this message. The attached says it all - they are well made, rustic but stylish and really........BIG!!  They're very comfortable. Thanks for building and shipping these gorgeous chairs (and table).  We will enjoy them for many years!  Best Regards, Patrick and Laurakay McLoughlin,

Seattle, WA. 

"The Tall Strong Rocker and Table is a must-have if you have a deck. Sure, decks are nice. Not being over to see over the deck rail is actually disappointing. I am incredibly thankful to have found these super comfortable tall chairs -- that ROCK -- AND have a matching Tall Table. It has totally upped the level of deck enjoyment, let me tell you! Being able to sit outside in the fresh air, rock in a beautiful rocking chair, and enjoy the scenery is so refreshing! The furniture is superior because it is sturdy, made of strong wood, and is beautiful. In addition, the entire order process from the start has been superior. Don kept me in the loop from the time of ordering to the materials time to the build phase, to the shipping time to my after-care questions. He also asked if I wanted a personal carving into the chairs, which we did and it was beautifully and perfectly done. I feel good about my purchase because his work is high quality and supports local craftsmen. If you are looking for the perfect deck chairs and table then look no more, don't waste a minute, and don't even bat an eye - you will be so happy with this set. - Sincerest thanks, Jennifer and Craig Love in St. Louis, MO"

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