The Tall Rocker: A Chair With a View

       Sit Higher in Our Tall Rocking Chair and See Above Your Deck Rail

Purchase Your Tall Rocker and Tall Table

Thank you for your interest in purchasing

the Tall Rocker and/or Tall Table. We

currently accept payments through

PayPal, and as such, all major credit

cards are accepted.


Also, since you are using PayPal, Tall

Rocker Company has no access to your

credit card information.

Tall Rockers cost $499 plus shipping, and are shipped flat, with minimal assembly required.

The rocker is shipped kiln-dried and unfinished, so you can stain it to match the color of your deck.

Purchase your Tall Rocker Today ($499)

Purchase your Strong Rocker Today ($599)

Purchase your Tall Table Today ($105)

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