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The Tall Rocker: A Chair With a View

       Sit Higher in Our Tall Rocking Chair and See Above Your Deck Rail

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Tall Tables are the perfect accessory for your tall Rocker and fold up nicely for storage

Perfect height  for when standing and a table is needed

Very small footprint when being stored.

The Guarantee
The wood used to make the Tall Rocker is warranted for a lifetime against termites and decay, when used in normal environmental conditions. The hardware is also warranted against corrosion due to exposure to normal environmental conditions.

You are entitled to receive new wood replacement parts for damage, rot or termites, and you are also entitled to replacement hardware if any screws or bolts experience corrosion under normal environmental conditions.

Overall Dimensions

  • 24 inches by 25 inches table top

  • 39 Inches high when erected

  • 3 inches when folded


Price: $105



Purchase your Tall Table Today

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