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About the Strong Rocker

The Product
Strong Rockers are handcrafted in Gainesville,

Georgia by American woodworkers.

We could have saved significant dollars by outsourcing

manufacturing to a foreign country, but we believe it is

important to ensure both the quality of our raw

materials as well as the final product by keeping

production local.

Also, by keeping production local, we help support

American jobs and American families.

The Materials
Tall Rocker Company offers a superior alternative to imported teak, painted metal, hardwood, and molded plastic: Southern cypress wood.

Cypress offers distinct advantages over other outdoor furniture materials. It is insect and rot resistant, it can be stained or painted easily, and it's milled from a renewable resource.

Cypress wood has a natural durability which makes it a perfect choice for the Tall Rocker. Because cypress generates cypressene, its own preservative oil, it is naturally resistant to insects, decay, and other damaging elements. Cypress has long been a favorite choice for long-wearing outdoor applications such as fence posts, telephone poles, pilings, docks and railroad ties.

Cypress also is a very stable wood, which makes it highly resistant to splitting and warping. Cypress easily accepts paints and stains, though many people use a clear sealer to bring out its honey-like hues.

The Guarantee
The wood used to make the Tall Rocker is warranted for a lifetime against termites and decay, when used in normal environmental conditions. The hardware is also warranted against corrosion due to exposure to normal environmental conditions.

You are entitled to receive new wood replacement parts for damage, rot or termites, and you are also entitled to replacement hardware if any screws or bolts experience corrosion under normal environmental conditions.

The strong rocker is designed for the larger adults (over 230 lbs.). It has less flexibility than the Tall Rocker and weight is distributed over 4 rockers instead of two. (lighter footprint)

Overall Dimensions

  • 33 Inches wide is the widest width

  • 42 Inches deep is the longest depth


Detailed Dimensions

  • Seat width (near the back of the chair) 20"

  • Seat width (at front of chair) 23"

  • Back of seat height (from where you sit) 32"

  • Back of seat height (from floor) 56"

  • Height of seat (where you sit, not the back of the seat) 26"

  • Purchase your Strong Rocker today

Price: $699  (after 10 years, due to wood prices, had to increase ours 9/1/22)

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